Submission Guidelines

Throwback Books is currently OPEN for submissions! 

What We're Looking For

As with any publisher, please make yourself familiar with the books we've published (even if it is just through the excerpts) and the ethos of the press.


One limitation of Throwback Books is our printing methods.  Regardless of the quality of work, we will likely turn down any project that does not lend itself to a unique visual component and/or limit itself to a maximum of 56 printed chapbook pages (approximately 28 double spaced 12 pt font pages for stories).


The things we are looking for beyond shorts: choose-yer-own-adventures, coloring books, pop-up books--- anything out of the ordinary!  Please note: we are rather full on poetry.  If you are going to send it, be sure it is unconventional and, MOST IMPORTANT: be sure it has a theme we can build a book around!

How to Submit

Submissions should be sent using our Submittable account.  If you prefer e-mail, send and inquiry through the form below.

Please be patient and we will respond with limited feedback as soon as we can. This is most often within two months but we have waited up to six on some works we debated about publishing. 


If you believe you have a work larger than our 56-page limit that would be perfect for Throwback Books, please use the proper submission form via Submittable.

If you have images to send along with your submission, use our "The Odd Stuff..." category.  This would be for coloring books, pop-up books, postcard books or anything of the sort.

The Process

Throwback Books aims to release 4-6 titles each year.  Due to the amount of submissions, our acceptance rate is very low.  Please do not be discouraged.  We will give limited feedback with each submission.  If you catch us inbetween cycles and we like your work, it may be up to 4 months before we can respond.


If your your work is accepted, you will be expected to promote your book in tandem with our efforts at each step (from the crafting to distribution) through social media and literary engagements.   


Pay is 10 contributor copies until the book breaks even (usually halfway through the print run), then all profits are split in both tangible and digital mediums.

Other Questions?


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