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Upcoming Authors:

Janet McCann: Widowing

Both Throwback Books editors loved Janet's manuscript, Widowing, instantly... and we both decided to encourage the author to submit it elsewhere.  It is a beautifully experimental poetry recollection of a husband and intertwined lives and the way these two people were separated.  More than that, we felt her résumé was littered with publishers who had the ability to reach a wider audience.

Though, after some email conversations with the author, we came up with the idea to print a book that has to be torn apart to be read--- a book tries for the same sense of separation as the words within it.  

We are still uncertain how it will be accomplished.  Maybe it will be bound on both sides and perforations will need to be torn down the middle or maybe the pages will need to severed with a paper cutter in order to turn them.  However, we did find a somewhat neglected cursive-typing typewriter on Craigslist to type out the book.  As the process evolves, we will post updates so you can be a part of this amazing book being made.

Author Bio:  Janet McCann is an old Texas poet who taught Creative Writing and other vices at Texas A&M for more than 45 years. Her most recent poetry book is The Crone at the Casino (Lamar University Press, 2015.) She lives in College Station with her two dogs, Lizzie and Padre.

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