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somewhere further across the ocean

Eric A. Cline's, something further across the ocean is a concise poetry collection summed up in his submission to us, calling it an attempt, " capture the intimate feeling of a message in a bottle at sea, as the pieces depict a gay narrator confronting the internalized shame of his past and working to reclaim agency in his life."  So we took it literally and constructed this book in a bottle.  These eight poems are handwritten on aged paper tucked into each engraved wine bottle and then sealed in wax.  


Burnt Sienna: Cocktails and Stories

Joshua Bohnsack's short story compilation is a collection of drink recipes--- with the stories that could unfold with each drink inscribed on the back of every card.  Burnt Sienna can read as a series of stand alone events tied to each cocktail or as a loose narrative changing as these unbound cards shuffle with successive reading.  With the title burned into each sienna-stained recipe box, this work will stand out beautifully on your bookshelf or your bar.  


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