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Janet McCann                       Daniel M. Shapiro                                 Megan Merchant

Jonathan Treadway                               Lindsay Büchel                                  Jonathan Ludwig                                       c.vance


Janet McCann

Janet McCann is an old Texas poet who taught Creative Writing and other vices at Texas A&M for more than 45 years.  Her most recent poetry book is The Crone at the Casino and is available through Lamar University Press.  She lives in College Station with her two dogs, Lizzie and Padre.

Book - $12.50

Widowing is not only an exquisite exploration of loss, it is also the biography of a marriage from 1965 to 2015 illustrated in the contrasts of the people within it---  religious vs. not, right brain vs. left, gone vs. here.  Shown in the differences in children wanted (1 and 8), the things they could bring themselves to fight about, and the moments remembered but never photographed.  The title is only the setting-- a verb to work through --not a revelation of the ending.

We wanted to make Janet McCann's book an act of separation.  Finally, we were able to weave together an object that needs to be ripped in two in order to read it.  The pages are torn apart and the spine is cracked before it can be read in its intended order. This is our attempt at making the book as devastatingly beautiful as the words within.  Below is a video of how to read Widowing.

Megan Merchant is a 2015 Pushcart Prize nominee. Her poems have most recently appeared in publications including Red Paint Hill, Rat’s Ass Review, Mothers Always Write, Crack the Spine and First Literary Review East. Her poem, “Filling Station God” won the Las Vegas Poets Prize, judged by Tony Hoagland. Her book, “The Dark’s Humming” was the winner of the 2015 Lyrebird Prize (Glass Lyre Press, 2017). She is also the author of Translucent, sealed. (Dancing Girl Press, 2015), In the Rooms of a Tiny House (ELJ Publications, October 2016), and Gravel Ghosts (Glass Lyre Press, Spring 2016). 

Juxtaposing words with the lack of them, Megan Merchant's poems in Unspeakable Light address the loss of speech by her son. With exquisite artistry, they craft a narrative of contrasts--- of coping with joy, passion with frustration. Each poem feeding into the next while they fade out as you read, until the last line is just an embossed silence.  The cover is carved out in reduction and this 6"x 6" book was typed on a faded grey Royal Quiet De Luxe.

Megan Merchant

Book - $10.00
Digital Copy

Daniel M. Shapiro is the author of How the Potato Chip Was Invented (sunnyoutside press, 2013), a collection of celebrity-centered poems. His work has appeared in Word Riot; RHINO; Menacing Hedge; Forklift, Ohio, and elsewhere. He is a poetry editor of Pittsburgh Poetry Review and interviews poets for his website, Little Myths.

Heavy Metal Fairy Tales is the author's wish to write a series of heavy metal poems and another series of fairy tales. When neither came together, Shapiro combined them and loosely chronicled heavy metal from its early days to its apparent decline in the grunge era. Bound in an aluminum cover, this collection of fables stands alone as a brilliantly entertaining journey!  The cover is an etched aluminum and this 6"x 6" book was typed on the heaviest metal typer in our collection: IBM Selectric II with a 12pt Prestige Elite 72 font ball.

Daniel M. Shapiro

$11.50 + s/h
Digital Copy
38 page poetry collection, hand sewn with gold lettering, purple lace bookmark and beer bottle stained.

Jonathan Treadway

The year of our lord, 1976, Kentucky, Jonathan Treadway was born a preacher's son but went on to fail at the family business. Sometime in the 1990's he was witness to an Abraham Lincoln impersonator preach the gospel and play hymns on a saw: he has not been the same since.  


Treadway resides in Bowling Green, KY in the attic loft of a former church rectory that saw both sides of the Civil War walk in front of it.  His favorite singer is Tony Bennet and his current favorite bourbon is Four Roses.  He is the author of Dirty Clay on Sunday Shoes and the full length The Black Bird Spirituals.  This collection of poetry, The Blue Life Sketches, was typed on an Underwood No. 5 and printed on vellum sewn over newsprint to give the degenerate appearance of something precious.  The cover's lettering is gold stamped and the drink ring is the bleached bottom of a Mirror Pond Pale Ale bottle.

Digital Copy

Jonathan Ludwig


Jonathan Ludwig earned his BFA from the University of Oregon.  He is soft-spoken, even when inebriated, and covers his giggles with the back of his hand.  A consecutive three-year member of the Bend, Oregon poetry slam team, he traveled the West Coast performing with perfect awkwardness on countless stages.  


False Starts, Fragments & Other Falsehoods is Ludwig's first compilation of false starts, fragments and other falsehoods.  It was constructed with an Oliver #5, for the way it fractures the page as the type falls violently but leaves no resonant THUD to startle as it hits.

Digital Copy

Lindsay Büchel


Lindsay Buchel is a Montreal based writer and photographer. She is currently working on her second book.


Her first book, When You Fall In Love With Damaged Goodwas typed with a Corona #3, a fold-up with a whimsical font.  The cover was a transparent overlay fixed onto images illustrated by the author.

Digital Copy


Originally, c.vance founded Throwback Books as a one-shot vanity press since no one else would print his work. Then he kept finding other authors-- better authors --with the same problem, so he published their books. Likewise, the printing methods improved over time. This chapbook of short stories and poems is the most basic perfect-bound book you could find.  The first print run of 100 was with a blue cover, second run of 100 was tan and both featured the font of a black Royal Quiet DeLuxe.


Still, it wasn't until 99 consecutive rejections that his short story "we" was picked up by Barrelhouse.  Since then, his work has been in dozens of magazines including The High Desert Journal, theNewerYork and WordRiot.  His debut novel, "We: A Reimagined Family History" was released by Jaded Ibis Press in 2013.  



Digital Copy
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