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Jonathan Treadway

The year of our lord, 1976, Kentucky, Jonathan Treadway was born a preacher's son but went on to fail at the family business. Sometime in the 1990's he was witness to an Abraham Lincoln impersonator preach the gospel and play hymns on a saw: he has not been the same since.  


Treadway resides in Bowling Green, KY in the attic loft of a former church rectory that saw both sides of the Civil War walk in front of it.  His favorite singer is Tony Bennet and his current favorite bourbon is Four Roses.  He is the author of Dirty Clay on Sunday Shoes and the full length The Black Bird Spirituals. 

About the Author

The Blue Life Sketches

The Blue Life Sketches, was typed on an Underwood No. 5 and printed on vellum sewn over newsprint to give the degenerate appearance of something precious.  The cover's lettering is gold stamped and the drink ring is the bleached bottom of a Mirror Pond Pale Ale bottle.

Available from Throwback Books
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