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Janet McCann

Janet McCann is an old Texas poet who taught Creative Writing and other vices at Texas A&M for more than 45 years.  Her most recent poetry book is The Crone at the Casino and is available through Lamar University Press.  She lives in College Station with her two dogs, Lizzie and Padre.

About the Author
Available from Throwback Books


Widowing is not only an exquisite exploration of loss, it is also the biography of a marriage from 1965 to 2015 illustrated in the contrasts of the people within it---  religious vs. not, right brain vs. left, gone vs. here.  Shown in the differences in children wanted (1 and 8), the things they could bring themselves to fight about, and the moments remembered but never photographed.  The title is only the setting-- a verb to work through --not a revelation of the ending.


How to Read Widowing

Have you purchased Janet McCann's poetry book, Widowing?  Are you hesitant to open it to read for fear of how it should be done?  Never fear!  This is the video we made of our first mock-up for the book.  The perforated pages should be easy to tear.  As you tear it apart, you will notice the page numbers on the left progress upward and the ones on the right decrease.  Either tear it apart and fold the back panel in half (don't worry about hurting it, it has been scored and reinforced) and read it as a whole book or read the left pages as you tear and the right after there are no more pages left to separate.  We hope you love your copy of Widowing as much as we did the moment we first read it.

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