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About the Author

Originally, c.vance founded Throwback Books as a one-shot vanity press since no one else would print his work. Then he kept finding other authors-- better authors --with the same problem, so he published their books. Likewise, the printing methods improved over time. This chapbook of short stories and poems is the most basic perfect-bound book you could find.  The first print run of 100 was with a blue cover, second run of 100 was tan and both featured the font of a black Royal Quiet DeLuxe.


Still, it wasn't until 99 consecutive rejections that his short story "we" was picked up by Barrelhouse.  Since then, his work has been in dozens of magazines including The High Desert JournaltheNewerYork and WordRiot.  His debut novel, "We: A Reimagined Family History" was released by Jaded Ibis Press in 2013.  

Available from Throwback Books

The Alley Flowers Bloom

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